Perihelion-Mir 8

MIR8 is a new group featuring Andrea Belfi, Werner Dafeldecker, Hilary Jeffery and Tim Wright.
Their debut album will be released on the Portuguese label Shhpuma in January 2017, featuring four cinematic tracks which follow an abstract narrative.
Their music forms a panoramic landscape consisting of orchestral strings, trombone,
electronics and percussion. The virtual string orchestra is generated in real time
creating hybrid structures with synthetic components. Melodic phrases move
through the ever shifting form while percussion and electronics punctuate the space.
A complete soundtrack and an intriguing imagination of zero gravity states.

Unorthodox Paradox Festival 2016

The sleepy village of Hay-on-Wye will be hosting the Unorthodox Paradox Festival over the bank holiday weekend (27th and 28th of August). Stereoscope will be playing on the Saturday night, with a rare live performance from myself masquerading as Tube Jerk on Sunday night.

Stereoscope rehearsal last night


More info here :


Getting ready to launch

Just back from a nice break camping in Northumberland, I’ve been plumbing the archives for some of the earlier recordings I made for this, but most of the more recent stuff is complete now.
Here’s a photo from my holiday