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I’m going to try and update this a bit more frequently now. FYI there’s lots of music buried here in the Releases section. I’ve decided to put some previously unreleased Germ material up on my Bandcamp page, it’s stuff that would have been on the third Germ album which never happened because of industry bullshit. It was going to be called SICK which is the name of the first track I’ll put up, featuring cameos from ex-Napalm Death frontman Nic Bullen on vocals, Hilary Jeffery on trombone (now of zeitkratzer, mir 8 and Mouse on Mars) , Matt Miles on double bass and a vocal snippet from beyond the grave by Steve Dixon (Drug Free America). Watch this space!

MIR 8 live!

MIR 8 (pronounced mir acht) made an equally rare live appearance on Friday the 5th October as part of the Gothenburg Art Sounds festival in Sweden. Werner, Hilary and I were joined by Simon Philips (piano) and Tony Buck (drums).